Siri Paya


Siri, Paye Lake is situated near Shogran in the Kaghan Valley in Pakistan. It is situated at the height of almost 3,000 m (10,000 feet). It is surrounded by Makra Peak, Malka Parbat, Moosa da Musalla and the mountains of Kashmir. The lake is accessible via Kiwai passing through Shogran through a jeep track.

When its july, there will be rains every where. Clouds, the rain and the small ponds and rivulets formed on slopes and hollowed spaces on soil, paved or unpaved, create a romance unto themselves, yet the sweat, the vapory environment with a downpour every now and then turns one wet. Hence it’s also the time to run away and seek shelter in some cool, refreshing place where there is no sweat, no “pitch pitch” of the plains, and where there are lakes and mountains to provide peace and freshness to body and soul. So dear readers! let me take you this month to a valley where there are lofty mountains, serene lakes and lush green terraced fields – in the vale of Kaghan.

Sri Paye is a queer, rather funny name, yet this place in a remote corner of Kaghan, six KM away from Shogran has superb views unrivalled by any other place.

Nestled in this valley is a small hamlet called Siri Paye.

Siri Paye,  offers a carefree weekend adventure, away from the stressful day to day routine for us, the dwellers of Punjab plains. The small hamlet offers an excursion that rids you of your taut nerves and a joy time day in and day out. Visiting this magnificent vale in summer carries promise of a cool and fresh weather coupled with a warm welcome from the local people, the best bet in any case. Its charm and splendor, says the writer, stays embedded in my memory ever since the day I landed into this vibrant, enchanting hideout with fabulous treks and bountiful thrills of walk in the valley.

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