ilyasi Mosque

Ilyasi Mosque

mosques hs water pond within mosque,in its front side and a small but a larger pond near to front one separated by road. pakoras of shops near mosque are too delicious.there r hills in mosque back. peole are simple living speeking hindko language.can too speak urdu nd english by few. one can view military academy 4m mosques hills too.

kakul academy abtabad

Kakul Acedmey

Kakul was a rural area prior to the establishment of a Boer Prisoner of War camp here during the Boer War, circa 1899-1902, by the (then) Government of British India[1] which site was placed under the official management of the 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles. Later on, the POW camp was converted into an army mountaineering and PT school until 1947-48.



Thandiani was originally granted as a lease to some members of the Battye family,in British India, who were Christian missionaries and also found in civil and military service, and who produced scions such as Wigram Battye and Quintin Battye; and the Battyes subsequently gifted the location to the church authorities, where a Sanatorium and various other facilities.

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