Deosai Plains


The Deosai National Park is a treeless wilderness at 4114 meters lying south of Satpara in Skardu, in the Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan. The plateau, located between the western massif of the Himalayas and the central Karakoram, is the second highest in the world after Tibet, and covers an area of about 3000 square kilometers. It is famous for its unique flora and fauna, but also for its stunning scenic views of the snow-clad mountains and streams.

The park was established in 1993 to secure the survival and the habitat of several animal species, such as the Himalayan Brown Bear, which had long been a prize kill for poachers and hunters. The plains are also home to numerous high altitude animals including Red Fox, Snow Leopard, Golden Marmot, Himalayan Ibex, Wolf and Ladakh Urial, as well as over 125 resident and migratory birds among which the Golden Eagle, Griffon Vulture, Lammergeyer, Sparrow hawk, Laggar Falcon, Kestrel and Snow cock.

Deosai, literally the “Land of Giants”, is accessible via Skardu in the North and Astore in the West. It can only be visited during the summer season, when it is covered by millions of flowers and butterflies. The view of the Karakoram Range from the top of the 4785-meter pass is breathtaking.

The most gorgeous picnic spot in the region is undoubtedly the Sheosar Lake with its quiet and peaceful surroundings. It is situated at a height of 4142 m in the plains and is approximately 2,3 kilometer-long. In Shina language, “Sheosar” means “blind lake”. Another occasion to take timeless photographs for sure!

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