Pristine Gem Kutton Village.

The beautiful village of Kutton, also known as Jagran Valley, is in the breathtaking Neelam Valley of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.


The beautiful village of Kutton, also known as Jagran Valley, is in the breathtaking Neelam Valley of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Kutton Village, located around 98 kilometers from Azad Kashmir’s capital city of Muzaffarabad, offers a quiet and captivating refuge for nature aficionados. Kutton Village has established a reputation as one of the region’s must-see destinations thanks to its beautiful green surroundings, fascinating waterfalls, and kind hospitality.

Tranquility and natural splendor:

The magnificence of the Neelam Valley provides visitors with a visual delight. The view of the valley from the mountains that surround Kutton Village is breathtaking. Nature’s beauties abound, and one of the main draws in Neelam Valley is, the region’s tumbling waterfalls and crystal-clear streams. Kutton Village has its own spectacular waterfall, appropriately named Kutton Waterfall. The enchanting town, together with the peaceful ambiance, offers an irresistible draw for travellers looking for a refreshing experience.

Warm Hospitality & Friendly Locals:

The people of Kutton Village are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Visitors are greeted with smiles and genuine politeness, as they explore the village. Locals are proud of their community. They are always willing to help and advise tourists. Their friendly demeanor enhances the overall experience of visiting Kutton Village, making it a memorable and uplifting adventure.

Ideal Season to Visit:

The summer months, from March to October, are ideal for visiting Kutton Village. The excellent weather and mild temperatures during this time of year. Kutton Village make a great atmosphere for experiencing the region’s natural attractions. The summer season also allows guests to fully immerse themselves, in the peace and tranquillity that Kutton Village has to offer.

Accommodation Options:

There are numerous rest rooms, motels in and around Kutton Village, to meet the demands of travellers. The Kutton Rest House, also known as Jagran Resort, is a luxury and well-known facility in the Neelam Valley and is one of the notable options. Kutton Rest House provides a wonderful blend of comfort and natural beauty, with comfortable rooms and modern conveniences. Other neighboring hotels include Green Village Resorts, Midway Lodges Neelam Valley, and Pine Park Lodges, all of which offer a variety of options to fit a variety of interests and budgets.

Exploring Kutton Waterfall:

A trip to Kutton Village would be incomplete without seeing the magnificent Kutton Waterfall. Visitors may witness the sheer majesty of the waterfall, as it crashes down the rocks, producing a fascinating sight, and a calming sound as they trek through the pristine surroundings. The natural splendor around the waterfall, combined with the pleasant mist in the air, provides nature enthusiasts and photographers, with a totally immersive and unforgettable experience.

Accessibility and Travel Suggestions:

Travelers can access Kutton Village through Kundal Shahi, a branch off of Muzaffarabad. The freshly built road has made it easier for people to visit the area and enjoy its stunning scenery. It is best to plan your vacation during the optimal seasons. To check weather conditions ahead of time. Engaging with local guides, such as Imran Ali, who has considerable experience guiding tourists in Pakistan, can also improve the whole trip experience and provide useful insights into the region.

In a Nutshell:

Kutton Village is a tribute to the unrivaled natural beauty. The peace that Azad Kashmir’s Neelam Valley has to offer. Kutton Village is a retreat for people seeking solitude amidst nature’s beauties, with its lush green landscapes, mesmerizing waterfalls, and kind hospitality. A visit to Kutton Village promises an exceptional experience, that will make a lasting imprint on the hearts of travelers, whether it’s exploring the picturesque landscapes, immersing oneself in the peacefulness of Kutton Waterfall, or simply basking in the generosity of the local population. Pack your luggage, go out on an adventure, and enjoy the stunning beauty of Kutton Village in Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir.

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