Rawalakot Valley in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

Explore the spectacular beauty of Rawalakot, a lively Pakistani destination noted for its mesmerising natural settings. Discover brilliant green landscapes,

Explore the spectacular beauty of Rawalakot, a lively Pakistani destination noted for its mesmerising natural settings. Discover brilliant green landscapes, blooming flowers, tranquil lakes, forceful waterways, and thrilling wildlife adventures. This article discusses the allure and charms of Rawalakot, commonly known as the “Pearl Valley” in Azad Kashmir.

Explore Rawalakot’s Enchanting Scenery and Adventure

Rawalakot, the seat of Azad Kashmir’s Poonch district, is a saucer-shaped valley that captivates visitors with its unrivalled natural beauty. This picturesque valley, located at an elevation of 1615 metres above sea level, offers a variety of activities such as mountaineering, trekking, camping, hiking, rock climbing, paragliding, and water sports.

Discovering Rawalakot’s Enchanting Attractions

Banjosa Lake – A Delightful Oasis: Explore the man-made wonder of Banjosa Lake, surrounded by beautiful green mountains and deep pine trees. This gorgeous lake, located 19 km from Rawalakot, allows tourists to absorb in its beauty and enjoy boating in its tranquil surroundings. The mild weather, with temperatures ranging from 25°C in summer to -5°C in winter, makes it an ideal year-round resort.

Toli Peer – A Magnificent Mountain Retreat: Toli Peer, the highest alpine area near Rawalakot, is awe-inspiring in its beauty. Toli Peer is located in Poonch, 30 km from the district, and offers panoramic views of the Poonch River, Bagh Valley, and other attractive locations. The beautiful grassy plains, big green trees, and cool air provide a sense of calm. Experience the dreamlike ambiance of this lovely region by participating in activities such as camping, paragliding, hiking, or trekking.

Poonch River – A Peaceful River: Admire the beauty of the Poonch River, which is located in Tehsil Hajira, about 35 km from Rawalakot. This intriguing river winds its way across the region, providing breathtaking views along the way. The river, which straddles both Indian and Pakistani territory, provides stunning sceneries and eye-catching locations such as Kotli and Tatta Pani.

Tatta Pani – Soothing Hot Springs: Discover the unique appeal of Tatta Pani, known for its sulfur-rich hot water springs. These springs, with summer temperatures of 86°C and winter temperatures of 65°C, provide a peaceful and restorative experience. Visitors can also explore the town of Kotli, which is 45 kilometres from Rawalakot, and experience the springs’ soothing effects on joint pain, weariness, and skin problems.

The Allure of Rawalakot in Every Season

Climate and Weather in Rawalakot: Rawalakot has a variable climate all year, with four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Spring (March-May) Rawalakot is adorned with flowering flowers, light showers, and lovely breezes in the spring. The entire valley transforms into a lush green haven, giving a genuinely magical experience.

Summer (May to August): Rawalakot’s summers are pleasant, with temperatures rarely topping 25°C. It is high season for tourists, who come to escape the sweltering heat in other parts of the country.

Autumn (September to November): Autumn paints Rawalakot in a rainbow of colours. The greens changes to gold, russet, and crimson hues, providing spectacular views and an inviting ambiance.

Winter (December to February): Rawalakot is transformed into a winter wonderland by a fresh layer of snow. The snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes, and cold temperatures make it a perfect winter sports destination.

Cultural Harmony and Regional Delights

Rawalakot’s Cultural Melting Pot: Rawalakot is a melting pot of cultures, with people from all walks of life coexisting together. Mirs, Butts, Awans, Abbasis, Kianis, Syeds, Gardezis, and the main Mughal tribe, Mughal (Douli, Mirza, Baig, Chughtai & Hotil or Hoti) make up the local population. This cultural variety enriches and warms the region.

Delectable Local Cuisine: Savour Rawalakot’s exquisite traditional meals, such as saag with makai (cornbread), gushtabey (meatballs), and other authentic Kashmiri dishes. The regional food reflects the region’s agrarian culture and the utilisation of fresh produce, providing visitors with a gastronomic excursion.

Conclusion: Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir’s Pearl Valley, entices nature lovers, thrill seekers, and those seeking peace and quiet. This hidden gem promises an amazing trip with its breathtaking surroundings, interesting attractions, and friendly residents. Whether you visit during the flowering beauty of spring, the pleasant climate of summer, the vivid hues of autumn, or the snowy wonderland of winter, Rawalakot will leave an unforgettable impact on your heart. Plan a journey to this natural sanctuary and immerse yourself in Rawalakot’s splendour, a true haven on Earth.

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