Taobutt Community and Chitta Katha Lake in Azad Kashmir.

The tranquil Taobutt hamlet and the majestic Chitta Katha Lake are nestled in the picturesque region of Shounter Valley, Azad Kashmir.


The tranquil Taobutt hamlet and the majestic Chitta Katha Lake are nestled in the picturesque region of Shounter Valley, Azad Kashmir. This essay will guide you through this hidden treasure, highlighting its natural marvels, hiking adventures, and the unique experiences it has to offer visitors. Let us explore Taobutt’s allure and the breathtaking grandeur of Chitta Katha Lake.

Taobutt Community:

Taobutt hamlet is a small, tight-knit community surrounded by towering mountains and lovely green meadows. The kind and hospitable residents provide guests with an insight into their traditional way of life, delivering a really authentic cultural experience. Taobutt’s residents make every visitor feel welcome, from their colourful handicrafts to their friendly hospitality.

The Enchanting Chitta Katha Lake:

Chitta Katha Lake, which sits at an incredible elevation of 13,500 feet, is a true natural wonder. Its blue waters reflect the towering peaks that surround it, creating a mesmerising picture that leaves many speechless. This hidden gem is known as “White Mountain Lake” because of the white colour of its bed, which was produced by limestone deposits.

Trekking to Chitta Katha Lake:

Trekking to Chitta Katha Lake is an amazing trip. The adventure begins with a 3-hour jeep ride from Kel and takes you through rocky terrain and gorgeous landscapes. The 4-hour climb from Domail is strenuous, but the spectacular views of Spoon Lake, Nangi Mali, Hari Parbat, waterfalls, and white water streams make the effort worthwhile.

Nature’s Playground:

The rich flora and animals that live in this region will amaze you as you travel towards Chitta Katha Lake. Alpine meadows blanketed with vivid butterflies, unique medicinal plants, and colourful wildflowers create a paradise-like ambience. Keep a watch out for the rare snow leopard, ibex, and a variety of bird species that live in this area.

A Photographer’s Paradise

Taobutt and Chitta Katha Lake provide a plethora of captivating settings for photographers. The pristine splendour of the terrain, framed by snow-capped peaks, offers endless opportunity for spectacular photographs. Every frame tells a tale, whether it’s the reflection of the mountains in the lake’s clean waters or the play of light and shadows in the valleys.

Camping Under the Stars

Spending the night camping near Chitta Katha Lake is an unforgettable experience. The sky transforms into a heavenly masterpiece as the sun sets behind the mountains, decorated with numerous stars. The peaceful atmosphere, combined with the warmth of a bonfire and the presence of friends, generates long-lasting memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Nature’s Treasures

It is our job as guests to protect the pure beauty of Taobutt and Chitta Katha Lake for future generations. Travellers should respect the local culture, stick to established pathways, and leave no trace. We can ensure that this natural beauty remains unspoilt and enchants future generations by implementing sustainable practises.


The Taobutt village and Chitta Katha Lake are secret treasures that offer a unique combination of natural beauty, cultural immersion, and daring hiking experiences. Every moment spent in this lovely destination is a feast for the senses, from the warm friendliness of the inhabitants to the awe-inspiring scenery of the lake and its surrounds. As we explore and enjoy this pristine sanctuary, let us keep in mind our duty in maintaining its splendour for future explorers.

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