Babusar Top: The Most Beautiful Mountain Pass in Pakistan

Babusar Pass, located at an elevation of 4,179 metres (13,710 feet) above sea level, is a mountain pass on the border of K.P and Gilgit-Baltistan provinces.


Babusar Pass, located at an elevation of 4,179 metres (13,710 feet) above sea level, is a mountain pass on the border of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan provinces. This mountain crossing offers an adventure for brave souls and nature aficionados, with its tough hairpin curves and beautiful vistas.

Location and connectivity:

Babusar Pass connects the Kaghan Valley to Chilas on the Karakoram Highway through the Thak Nala. The pass, located around 80 km from Naran, represents the point at which the panorama in the Kaghan Valley becomes genuinely dramatic, stunning travellers with its natural beauty.

Road Accessible:

Due to recent infrastructure improvements, the road leading to Babusar Pass has been paved and enlarged, allowing cars easy access. Whether you’re driving a car or riding a motorbike, the pass is now open to all vehicles, allowing explorers to begin on an adventurous excursion.

Precautions and Planning:

While road conditions have improved, it is still prudent to bring needed things and food due to the limited amenities available along the route. To guarantee a safe crossing, seek local advice and assistance, as the steep terrain might provide obstacles for inexperienced drivers. Prioritise vehicle maintenance, especially brakes, exhaust systems, and heating, to guarantee a safe and comfortable travel.

The Scenic National Highway 15 (N-15):

Babusar Pass is located on the National Highway 15 (N-15), a 226-kilometer (140-mile) highway that connects Mansehra, the district seat, to Chilas, the divisional capital of Diamer District. Visitors travelling along this roadway are exposed to breathtaking sights and ever-changing scenery that showcase the grandeur of Pakistan’s hilly geography.

Natural Wonders and Majestic Views:

Travellers who reach the summit of Babusar Pass are rewarded with stunning views and an immersing experience in nature’s splendour. From the pass, one can see snow-covered peaks of Kashmir to the right and the legendary Nanga Parbat, which stands at an impressive 8,126 metres (26,660 feet) to the northeast.

Bridge-like rocky Minaret:

A bridge-like rocky minaret stands tall at the peak, symbolising the highest point in the area. This one-of-a-kind monument adds mystery and acts as a tribute to the pass’s historical significance and natural beauty.

Weather and Seasonal Considerations:

Babusar Pass’s weather is notorious for its unpredictability. Although the summer months from May to September provide optimal conditions for crossing the pass, it’s important to be aware that heavy snowfall during the monsoon and winter seasons can result in the route being closed. Therefore, visitors should plan their journey carefully, considering accessibility and weather conditions.

Spectacular Panoramic Views:

From the summit of Babusar Pass, one is treated to a panoramic view that spans far and wide. The view from this vantage point shows the spectacular road winding its way through the mountains, surrounded by an ever-changing cloud play that creates an ethereal mood.

Nature’s Playground:

Babusar Pass is more than just a crossing; it is the entrance to an outdoor enthusiast’s heaven. The territory surrounding the pass provides several options for trekking, hiking, and camping in breathtaking scenery, allowing travellers to connect with nature on a fundamental level.

Cultural Importance and Historical Roots:

Babusar Pass is historically significant as an ancient trading route that originally linked the Gilgit agency with British India. The pass functioned as a conduit for cultural exchanges and encounters between many tribes, producing a legacy that is still remembered.

Safety Measures and Time Restrictions:

It is critical to follow safety precautions and be aware of any time constraints to ensure a safe voyage. After 05:00 PM PST, security personnel may impose limitations on crossing Babusar Pass. As a result, it is best to organise your trip carefully and attempt to be to Babusar Pass before this time.

Creating Memories:

Finally, visiting Babusar Pass allows you to create wonderful memories. The breathtaking scenery, panoramic vistas, and sense of success that comes with completing this difficult route make it an ideal destination for both photography aficionados and adventure seekers.


Babusar Pass is a tribute to Pakistan’s natural wonders, providing a thrilling and gorgeous mountain crossing experience. Exploring Babusar Pass is an endeavour that promises to leave an everlasting impact on every traveller fortunate enough to embark on this remarkable journey, from its spectacular views and cultural significance to the adventures that await.

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