Ultar Peak Expedition: A Surging Journey to Conquer Nature’s Majesty

Witness the awe-inspiring rising of Ultar Sar, also known as Ultar or Ultar II, which is a majestic peak in the Karakoram Range’s Batura Muztagh subrange.

Introduction: Climb Ultar Sar in Pakistan’s Karakoram Range for the Ultimate Adventure.

Witness the awe-inspiring rising of Ultar Sar, also known as Ultar or Ultar II, which is a majestic peak in the Karakoram Range’s Batura Muztagh subrange. This majestic hill, which stands at 7,388 meters (24,239 feet), is located about 10 kilometers (6 miles) northeast of Karimabad, a picturesque town in Pakistan’s Gilgit District’s Hunza Valley.

A History of Obstacles on the Path to the Summit

Learn about the climbing history of Ultar Sar, where various expeditions took on the enormous challenge of reaching this massive peak. Despite over 15 attempts in the 1980s and 1990s, it wasn’t until July 1996 that two different Japanese expeditions made the first successful ascents. The first team, led by Akito Yamazaki, reached the summit but tragically lost Yamazaki on the descent. The second team, led by Ken Takahashi, successfully climbed the peak via the south ridge. Since then, no recorded ascents of Ultar Sar have been reported.

The Best Time to Climb Ultar Sar

The optimum season to climb Ultar Sar is from June to September for those brave enough to take on the challenge. These months have more steady weather and longer daylight hours, giving climbers the best chance of tackling this magnificent summit.

Details about the Ultar Sar Expedition to Unleash the Adventurer Within

Learn about the Ultar Sar Expedition, an all-inclusive tour that provides an unrivaled mountaineering experience. This adventure, which lasts 40 to 45 days, is meant to put your physical and mental stamina to the test.

Immersed in Nature’s Glory – The Itinerary Is Revealed

Discover the expertly designed itinerary that will take you on an amazing journey through Pakistan’s breathtaking landscapes. Every step is loaded with wonder, from Islamabad’s hectic city life to the quiet beauty of Naran, Karimabad, and beyond.

Expert Advice and Assistance – Ensuring a Safe Climb

You may relax as you go on this excursion, knowing that you will be accompanied by a licensed professional guide and skilled support crew. Your safety is their primary priority, from supplying safety equipment and first aid supplies to securing required permits and procedures.

Inclusions and Exclusions – What Is and Isn’t Covered

You may rest assured that your excursion package covers domestic flights, hotel rooms, trekking equipment, and camping amenities. Please keep in mind that personal expenses, international flights, and other services are not included in the package.

Finally, take on the ultimate challenge by booking your Ultar Sar expedition today.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Karakoram Range, conquer Ultar Sar, and make memories to last a lifetime. Join other explorers on an exciting trek to test your limits, enjoy pristine landscapes, and feel the rush of standing atop one of Pakistan’s most appealing peaks.

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